OUTLAST Training

New for the 2023-2024 Club Volleyball season is the OUTLAST Training program, a fitness and wellness program designed by CJVA's own Coach Andrea Camacho-Tenreiro. This program will focus on injury prevention for the incredibly high-impact sport of Volleyball. Training will be held weekly for Girls' National teams (Black, Onyx, White, and Diamond teams), and players will be provided with crucial at-home workouts, and pre- and post-game regimens to help players prevent common injuries, and build the strength and endurance to perform at their highest potential. We look forward to going on this journey with you all!


Why are Volleyball injuries so common?

Volleyball is a high-impact sport. During a single rally, players are jumping, landing, pivoting, planting their feet, all of which put stress on the body. This can lead to very serious injuries, especially at load bearing joints, like the ankles and knees, as well as the lower back, and the rotator cuff. Some of the most common volleyball injuries include ACL tears, patellar tendinitis, and rotator cuff tendonitis. By training these areas and building up muscle strength, you can help to alleviate some of the health issues caused by the high stress put on the ankles, knees, back, and shoulders, and improve your athletic performance


Who is leading OUTLAST Training?

OUTLAST Training has been developed, and will be led by our very own Coach Andrea Camacho-Tenreiro. Coach Drea has been a superstar at CJVA, both as a player and as a coach for the past 6 years. As a player, Coach Drea led her Black teams to win National bids, while as a coach, she helped train her Onyx teams to become a huge force in our region. Coach Drea is a certified trainer who uses her extensive volleyball background, along with her fitness experience, to build a foundation of fitness training for CJVA's players, to prevent injury, and bring their performance to the next level!

"I'm excited to work with our athletes on the fitness side of their CJVA training. I've seen first-hand how devastating an injury can be to an athlete, and I hope to help reduce that risk and propel our players forward!"

- Coach Andrea Camacho-Tenreiro



How does OUTLAST Training work?

OUTLAST Training will be mandatory for all players on our Girls' National teams (Black, Onyx, White, and Diamond teams), who will be provided with one 30 minute, in-person fitness training session per week. These sessions will be held before or after the teams' practices for the duration of the season, for convenience and to help build endurance. All teams will also be provided with at-home exercise routines to perform twice a week in addition to the in person session. Lastly, teams will be taught improved pre- and post-play routines to maximize performance and minimize injury every time they step on the court!

For this pilot year of OUTLAST Training, weekly in-person sessions will not be available for Regional or Local Girls' teams, or for Boys' teams. However, all teams will be provided with at-home exercise routines, as well as pre- and post-play routines. We hope that this program will grow in popularity so that we can offer the full OUTLAST experience to more players in years to come!

If you have questions, please email info@cjva.org