Club Volleyball INFO

Club volleyball, also known as youth or junior volleyball, is a competitive level of volleyball played by athletes outside of, or instead of their school teams. It is a popular pathway for talented volleyball players to develop their skills, gain exposure to college coaches, and potentially advance to higher levels of competition like collegiate or professional volleyball.

Here are some key points about club volleyball:

    • Costs: Club volleyball can be more expensive than recreational leagues due to the higher level of competition, travel expenses for tournaments, coaching fees, and facility costs.
    • Coaching: Club volleyball teams are typically coached by experienced and knowledgeable coaches who help players improve their skills, learn game strategies, and develop as athletes.
    • Exposure and scholarships: Club volleyball can provide players with exposure to college coaches and recruiters, increasing their chances of obtaining volleyball scholarships to play at the collegiate level.
    • Commitment: Club volleyball often requires a significant time commitment, as players are expected to attend practices, training sessions, and multiple tournaments throughout the season.
    • Parental involvement: Parents are usually involved in supporting their players's club volleyball experience, including traveling to tournaments, volunteering, and managing logistics.
    • Team bonding and friendships: Club volleyball can create lasting friendships and a strong sense of camaraderie among players as they spend a lot of time together both on and off the court.

Participating in club volleyball can be a rewarding experience for young athletes who are passionate about the sport and want to take their skills to the next level. It can provide a competitive and supportive environment for players to grow and excel in their volleyball journey.

24-25 boys fees

Our Boys teams practice 4 hours per week with two coaches and attend 3 Single Day Tournaments and 4 Multi-Day Tournaments. The season runs from mid-September through the end of February. Boys teams have the option to attend extra multi day tournaments for an additional fee, and can select to go to USAV Nationals after their school season for an additional $650 which includes 6-10 practices as well as the tournament. Club fees do not include uniform or USAV/AAU membership.

We are very excited to announce a new program to the CJVA teams, OUTLAST Training! With the high-impact movements in volleyball, OUTLAST Training will guide the players through a journey of injury prevention and fitness training to increase skill and safety on the court. All CJVA Boys teams will be provided with a 6 week OUTLAST program to include weekly in person training, at home plans, and a pre/post-play routine to maximize performance and minimize injury every time they step on the court! We believe an athletes' volleyball education and fitness training should be accomplished conjointly, creating a healthy lifestyle throughout their careers, making volleyball a game for life! CLICK HERE for more info on OUTLAST Training!

UNIFORM PACKAGE: New jerseys and shorts are required each season as they often change from one season to the next. All package items are required, but if players have these items from previous seasons they can be used again as long as they are in good shape and professional looking.

Full package for new CJVA Players:  A La Carte items are available for returning players.

    • 2 Jerseys
    • 2 shorts
    • Black UA Socks
    • CJVA Backpack
    • CJVA Jacket
    • Warmup Jersey
    • Molten Player Ball/Bag

GEVA/AAU Memberships

You will be required to purchase player memberships for GEVA and/or AAU, depending on the team you are on. These are required for practices, and even more so for any tournaments your team will be attending. Membership registrations open in early September and a link will be emailed to each player.

USSCI Club Fee Insurance

Every year we have players unable to finish the season, whether from injuries, illness, job loss, or other various reasons. Life happens, and we wanted an option for parents to feel comfortable with their decision to play club. Click on the link below for information on USSCI insurance, the costs, benefits, and how to register.


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