Beach Clinics

While it’s not known for it, New Jersey has been steadily growing its beach volleyball scene through the years. With weekend tournaments over the summer at many of New Jersey’s beautiful beaches, as well as our weeknight clinics to help improve your beach game, you’ll be ready to rock the beach in no time!

Tournaments are available most weekends during the summer, and are recommended for players who want to put their skills to the test. With various levels of play, you can play against other teams in your skill level.



Our elite coaches will train high performance athletes  looking to play in competitive beach volleyball tournaments.   Players will learn advanced techniques and strategies designed to give them an edge in competition. Players looking to register for the Elite Beach Training should have experience with advanced Club volleyball teams, and/or Varsity level play, and should have a strong control over the fundamental volleyball skills.


CJVA Summer Beach CLinics

Introduces and teaches the basic skills and fundamentals of sand volleyball to indoor players.  Our program is a great way for players to grow their skills in the off season while improving their stamina, agility and court awareness.