OUTLAST Training

Throughout the career of a volleyball player, they engage in high impact and high intensity movements that call for muscle strength and fitness training. Next season CJVA is excited to offer OUTLAST, a NEW training exclusive to CJVA.

OUTLAST is a fitness training designed by CJVA that focuses on the physical well-being of our players. With the high-impact movements in volleyball, OUTLAST will guide players through a journey of injury prevention and fitness training to increase skill and safety on the court. OUTLAST provides weekly training sessions, take-home routines, and crucial pre and post-play regimens, all in an effort to prevent common volleyball injuries, build strength and increase the endurance necessary for athletes to compete at the highest level of their potential and “outlast” the competition.

CJVA will be hosting a webinar on Sunday, April 23 at 7pm via Zoom to learn more about Outlast, what the program offers, as well as opportunities to try out the program over the summer. Click on this link to reserve your spot at the webinar!