Kristy Anderson

Kristy Anderson

Quick Facts

Name: Kristy Anderson
Hometown: Flemington, NJ
Current Position: Head Coach


I started playing volleyball when I was 14 years old. I played all thru High School for my school team as an Outside Hitter and DIGS Volleyball Club as a Libero. After graduating from High School I played D1 volleyball as a Libero. I continue to play now for many leagues and a women’s team.
I started coaching about 22 years ago, starting a Middle School program with my Dad, assisting with my old HS team and then began coaching club about 16 years ago. I started coaching at CJVA in 2019. I love every second of being in the gym sharing my love for the game

How would you describe your coaching style?

My coaching style is tough yet fun. I have very high expectations for my players but still want them to have fun and enjoy the game.

What is your favorite characteristic in a player?

My favorite characteristic in a player is someone who works hard and leads by example

Who are the people that have influenced you most as a coach?

DIGS former coach and director Scotty Mose. There is not enough I could say about this man. A true legend in the sport.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in coaching mode?

When I’m not coaching, I spend time with my family. We enjoy playing volleyball, kayaking, swimming and playing board games.

What’s your favorite thing about volleyball?

My favorite thing about volleyball is the community. I met my husband playing in a co-ed league. Most of my friends who I consider family, I met through volleyball.