Power League

CJVA’s co-ed Power League is for high school upperclassmen, college-aged players, and recent graduates to get in the gym and play against strong competition. This program is mainly focused on team play. Players can sign up as a full team, or as a free agent to be assigned to a team. All teams must have at least 3 girls on the court at any time, so please plan accordingly!

Power league Rules

Power League is Back! Our co-ed competitive league will return this summer and resume traditional 6 on 6 play with reverse coed rules. You can sign up as a team of 6 or a free agent and be placed on a team!

The costs for signing up as a free agent are $60 ($10 per week). The cost to sign up as a team of six or more players is $360. Teams of six must be able to comply with the rules as listed below, in particular, teams must have at least 3 female players, with 3 on the court at any given time.


July 7th through August 19th

Fridays 7:30-10:30pm

Reverse Coed Rules

In reverse coed volleyball, the height of the net is 2.24 meters, the same height used in regulation female volleyball. Each team consists of an equal number of male and female players who alternate position and serving order. Typically, a coed team consists of three male and three female players. Different-sized teams may be accommodated as long as the number of female players is equal to the number of male players


There are two important restrictions on the actions of male players during reverse coed volleyball. Male players are prohibited from jumping to block at any point in the game and may not attack a ball while it is above the height of the net if they are in front of the attack line. The attack line should be marked 10 feet from the net. Male players behind this line are permitted to attack a ball even if it is above the height of the net. Males are also permitted to jump serve during reverse coed volleyball.


When a team makes multiple offensive plays on a ball, there is a special requirement in reverse coed volleyball that a male player makes at least one contact with the ball. Contact made during blocking does not count as a play. Therefore, it is acceptable for a female player to block the ball and another female to hit it immediately over the net, as that hit is considered the first offensive play